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"What I do every day, since the morning, is think about photography."

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I'm Nicola Petrara, Apulian photographer.

I work full time in photography, I produce authorial projects and I teach photography.

This site represents my work in the field of marriage.

vision and style

There are events that deserve good photography. Telling the story of marriage is a difficult task: you need concentration, patience, a critical look at the scene, an excellent dose of poetry and also be blessed a little with luck. I love photography and I love building stories.

This is why I try to identify myself as much as possible in the story, not to violate the natural flow of events, to make myself invisible or part of the game.

I want to talk about my couples' marriage as if it were my own, each time getting married in a different way thanks to them.

I feel a strong call for Juventus. It helps me to eliminate the superfluous, to bring photography into a timeless, almost dreamlike state.

Color, when it exists, must communicate and be the protagonist. Beyond this, no artifice, no hybrid compromise.

I like to define my narrative style, with a specific grammar that is smooth and comprehensive, simple and exciting.

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